How can I order the JTC OmniBlend?

You can purchase our products in the following ways:

1) Shop on our website www.jtcomniblend.co.uk/

2) Place an order over the phone on 08001935253

3) Visit us at one of our retail trade shows across UK.

4) Visit us at certain Sainsbury’s and Planet Organic stores.  Please contact us to see whether we’ll be demonstrating at a store near to you.

Can I make changes to my order?

In most circumstances, depending on if your order has been dispatched you can make changes to your order. Please contact us by e-mail at info@jtcomniblend.co.uk or call us on 08001935253 and we will try our best to assist you.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact us by e-mail at info@jtcomniblend.co.uk or call us on 08001935253 and we will try our best to assist you.


What payment options do I have?

You can pay using the following options

  • Pay via PayPal
  • Pay by debit or credit card
  • Pay by BACS (please e-mail us for our bank account details)

How do I use my promo code?

You can use your promo code at checkout and your discount will automatically be applied. Just remember, each promo code can be only be used once. Also only one promo code can be used per order. For more information about how to use promo codes on our website see our full terms and conditions.

How can I order JTC products in large quantities?

Please contact our commercial department to place large orders for all JTC products. commercial@jtcomniblend.co.uk


I would like to be an affiliate.  Who should I contact?

Please visit our Affiliates page for more information or contact us by e-mail at affiliates@jtcomniblend.com or call us on 08001935253 and we will try our best to assist you.


What is the difference between I and V models?

The differences between JTC OmniBlend I and V are:

JTC OmniBlend I has a manual speed dial and pulse button whereas JTC Omniblend V has pre-set timers, pulse button and 3 speed buttons: Low, Medium and High.

What is the difference between our 1.5 and 2.0 litre jugs?

Both 1.5 and 2 litre jugs are made of BPA Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester and fit interchangeably on all our bases.

Our 1.5 litre jug is the only jug that fits in our OmniShield (sound reduction enclosure) and is therefore recommended for commercial applications.

How does the JTC OmniBlend compare to other blenders?

Please see our blender comparison chart for more information

Product Use

Can I pour hot food in the jug?

All JTC OmniBlend jugs are heat-resistant. But we strongly advise to cool the contents to room temperature before blending to avoid pressure building in the jugs and reducing the chance of overflow. For example, if you have made a boiling hot soup on the stove, do not pour the soup in the JTC OmniBlend. Please let the soup cool before blending.

Where can I find recipes for the JTC OmniBlend?

You can find a selection of recipes on our website as well as purchase our popular recipe books in our online shop.

Can I grind in the JTC OmniBlend?

The JTC OmniBlend is designed for grinding and crushing of grains, nuts and spices, as well as ice. A helpful tip: when grinding please ensure you have enough ingredients inside of the jug to cover the blades.

Do you have any tips for removing when making sticky recipes such as bread & pizza doughs, cake batters etc.?

Oil your jug lightly on the sides of your jug and it will help remove your recipe much easily.

Are the JTC OmniBlend 1.5L and 2L jugs made for wet and dry use?

Yes, the JTC OmniBlend has a 6 blade assembly which is designed for both wet and dry use.


The JTC OmniBlend has turned off. What should I do?

Please ensure the power cord is plugged in the socket and the socket is switched on. If your blender still does not turn on, this may be because the JTC OmniBlend I and V are equipped with an overload switch that is located on the bottom of the motor. If the motor is overloaded, the power supply is automatically cut off to protect the motor.

To reset the motor press the reset button located on the bottom of the motor and restart the blending process. If you still need assistance please contact our Customer Service department.

How can I prevent my JTC OmniBlend from overloading?

Always ensure you pour the correct ratio of liquid to dry ingredients for all recipes as that is the number one cause for putting the motor under stress and hence tripping it off. Also, try not to fill the jug right to the top when dry grinding – filling the jug half way is optimal.

Where can I get spare parts?

If you would like to purchase spare parts, please visit our Accessories page in our online shop.

Technical specifications


How powerful is the machine?

The JTC OmniBlend motor has a 950w output and 3HP (horsepower) motor.

Motor ‘horse power (HP)’ cannot be the same as blender power as horsepower means the greatest torsion of the motor. 1HP = 746W so 3HP = 2,238W.

The JTC OmniBlend motors are both rated at 3HP or 2238 watts. Like all blenders, during normal operation they do not draw maximum watts as this would strain the motor. Our machines run up to 950 watts. If the machine draws over 950 watts an easily resettable cut-out switch interrupts the machine protecting the motor and increasing its life span. Most manufacturers advertise the maximum motor rating and do not disclose the wattage the machine is programmed to run at. Please note: any blender with a safety cut out switch will prevent the motor running at maximum power. We are transparent about this. Our blenders are rated at 3HP, but they do not go into that range during normal operation. When a blender manufacturer uses only the max HP and RPM to make performance claims, they over-simplify by failing to consider other critical factors, and therefore are not credible. What really matters to the consumer is that when two blenders are placed side-by-side with the same load, which one can produce better blending results within the same time. If the results are the same, and one machine requires 950W while the other 2,238 W, you can do the math for the customer to determine our blenders’ cost-savings on electricity over 7 years. Another advantage of our energy efficient blenders is that it will last a lot longer as higher wattage blenders put more strain on the motor and hence will eventually suffer from motor burnout and will get damaged in a shorter period of time.

How long is the power cable?

The cable length is 1.40 m.

What is the weight of the JTC OmniBlend?

The total weight is between 4-5kg.

How loud is the JTC OmniBlend?

At peak performance, the volume is up to 85 dB (decibel). Our blenders boast as being one of the quietest commercial kitchen blenders in the world.  The JTC OmniShield sound enclosures reduce the sound volume by 80%.


What is BPA Free?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is a chemical that is used in the making of plastics. Studies have shown that BPA is harmful to your health.

What's Tritan?

Tritan is an innovative and durable material, a type of polyester, which is shatter-proof, scratch and impact resistant. Tritan is lightweight, sturdy and food safe. This makes it perfectly suited for everyday household and professional use. The Tritan container for the JTC OmniBlend are manufactured by Eastman Chemical, an American chemical company. Please find more information on their website on the Tritan safe website.Tritansafe.com.

How many blades does the JTC OmniBlend have?

The JTC OmniBlend 1.5L and 2L jugs has a six-blade system made of Japanese stainless steel.

Can I remove the blade system?

Yes, you are able to remove the blades with a special tool. The special tool is sold with our replacement blades in our online shop with a set of instructions.


How do I ensure longevity of my JTC OmniBlend?

Here are a few tips to ensure the longevity of your JTC OmniBlend

  1. Do not use tamper tool without the lid on the jug.
  2. Do not use excessive downward force when using the tamper tool.
  3. Keep the top of the blender base dry.
  4. Do not put the Jug in a dishwasher.
  5. Do not shake jug whilst blending.
  6. Only remove the jug from blender base when the motor has completely stopped as this will otherwise cause damage to the drive socket and in turn damage the bearing on the jug.


How should I clean my JTC OmniBlend Jug?

Perform the following steps:

  1. Fill the jug halfway with warm water and add one to two drops of washing up liquid.
  2. Secure the lid with the lid plug.
  3. Press the pulse button 3-4 times for up to 10 seconds.  For a thorough clean, (i.e. when making nut butters, bread doughs, cake batters) blend for 60 seconds using warm soapy water.
  4. Pour contents out and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Turn the jug upside down and let it air dry.


If you have any other questions that are not mentioned in our FAQ’s section, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!