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Blender Anatomy
See the JTC OmniBlend in action You can make ice cream in seconds and hot soup in minutes in the JTC OmniBlend. It not only saves you time, but it goes beyond an ordinary kitchen appliance. The JTC OmniBlend expertly blends, whips, chops, grinds, crushes, grates, and emulsifies. Watch Video
  • RecipesVery Berry Raspberry SorbetWho says desserts can’t be healthy? This quick sorbet is not only full of antioxidants, but a hint of rose water adds another level of elegance and flavour to this sweet sorbet.Full RecipeVery Berry Raspberry Sorbet
  • RecipesDelectable Chocolate & Hazelnut ButterBetter for you than the store bought kind, this delectable chocolate and hazelnut butter will have the grown-ups and children in your life begging for more!Full RecipeDelectable Chocolate & Hazelnut Butter
  • RecipesPerfect PestoClassically Italian, this pesto recipe perfectly blends herbs, nuts, and cheese to create a thick emerald-hued sauce.Full RecipePerfect Pesto
  • RecipesTropical Island Coconut & Lime SmoothieYou don’t have to pack your bags, book a plane ticket or worry about slathering on the sun tan lotion to enjoy this tropical paradise concoction.Full RecipeTropical Island Coconut & Lime Smoothie